Help Fight Publicly Funded Abortion in Massachusetts!

Pro-life Attorney Thomas M.  Harvey—a valiant and eloquent defender of the unborn, and a longtime friend and supporter of the Catholic Action League—is trying to put an end to taxpayer funded abortions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Since the 1981 Supreme Judicial Court decision in Moe v. Hanley, Massachusetts has had an even more expansive right to child murder than the rest of the United States.

There is no Hyde Amendment restricting government subsidized abortions in the Bay State. On the contrary, because of Moe, any woman claiming indigence can procure an abortion at public expense. Since the repeal of the Doyle/Flynn Amendment in 1996, state, county and municipal employees can also procure tax funded abortions.

Under Mitt Romney’s Commonwealth Care act of 2006, your tax dollars now fund abortions and abortifacient drugs, which are either free, or require only a nominal $50 co-pay.

Tom Harvey has organized the Massachusetts Alliance to Stop Public Funding of Abortion to secure an initiative amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution. This proposed amendment will overturn Moe v. Hanley by declaring that the state constitution may not be construed to mandate the public funding of abortion. This type of amendment requires the signatures of registered voters on an initiative petition.

The signatures of 64,750 voters are needed between now and November 18th.

Pope Saint John Paul II once said that the pro-life cause was “the most important work on earth.” Please help Tom Harvey in this vital and potentially life saving endeavor by signing the petition, and, if possible, by becoming involved in the signature drive.

You may contact Tom by telephone at (781) 312-8755, or by email at [email protected]. His website address is If you wish to make a contribution to this worthy undertaking on behalf of the helpless unborn, you may send it to P. O. Box 345, Arlington, MA 02476-9998.

The gruesome revelations of horrifying practices by the moral monsters of Planned Parenthood ought to impel all pro-life Catholics to redouble their efforts in this great moral struggle of our time to vindicate the sanctity of innocent human life.

Thank you.