Help Wanted: Young Man to Help Religious with Desktop Publishing

The brothers are looking for a young man to help us in the area of layout and graphic design, as part of the St. René Goupil donné program. In this program, men ages 15 and up work for room and board for pre-agreed periods of six or twelve months.

Besides being a boon to our apostolate, this volunteer work will give the donné some valuable on-the-job training. Because of the necessary investment of time on our part, we are asking for a one-year commitment on the part of the donné.

Here is a description of the young man we are looking for:

Required: Fast learner, good memory, somewhat experienced with computers, docile to authority, highly motivated, self starter, interested in graphic design and page layout.

Ideal: 16 to 26 years of age, familiar with Mac OSX, familiar with Microsoft Windows, knows QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, iPhoto, is artistic, knows photography, has experience researching things on the web, knows how to edit web sites.

Helpful: Experience with doing more advanced things on computers (web, desktop publishing, etc.), experience with other layout software (Microsoft Publisher, Adobe PageMaker, etc.), experience with other photo editing software (Paint Shop Pro, Corel Painter, etc.).

Please email or call us if you are interested.