I Hate ‘Saturday Night Live’ and So Should You

I have not and will not watch the blasphemous foolishness that the malignant unbelievers at NBC produced in mockery our Holy Savior. Unless all the descriptions of it are sheer fabrications, it was pure evil. Even the LA Times said  “‘DJesus Uncrossed’ may have crossed the line, with some calling it the single most offensive skit in ‘Saturday Night Live’ history.”

And that’s saying something.

But something can’t be evil if it makes us laugh, can it? Isn’t that an overreaction?

The only thing I can say in response is that I’ve seen people laugh at the horrible pain and adversities suffered by their fellow human beings. (The Germans have a word for the pleasure derived from the misfortune of others: Schadenfreude.) Laughing at the misery of others is not uncommon, yet the misery is nonetheless real. Now if it’s possible to laugh at physical evil, then it is certainly possible to laugh at moral evil. Most stand-up comics bank on this fact, otherwise their “humor” would not be so prurient.

It’s bad enough we’re immersed in a culture that lauds Quentin Tarantino’s mega-violent revenge flicks as something artistic. What trash!

But then the buffoons at SNL enter the scene to have a little fun with Tarantino’s foul genre. That might be fine if they limited themselves to picking on one of their own, all in good humor, you understand. But no, they have to mock the Redeemer Himself, and even His Most Holy Name, even his mercy, even his justice, even his forgiveness.

What’s worse: How many baptized souls — Catholics — watched this filth and laughed at it, with nary a thought of the reality of the Crucified One being mocked?

“Be not deceived,” wrote Saint Paul to the Galatians, “God is not mocked. For what things a man shall sow, those also shall he reap.” The irony is that the producers, directors, actors, etc., at SNL, having mocked the just indignation of the Judge of mankind, will have to face that just indignation before long in their own particular judgments.

Shouldn’t Catholics give some indication, by their indignant response to this unholy refuse, that such things are intolerable? Shouldn’t we get angry? Shouldn’t we hate SNL?

I do, and I hope you do too.