Is Humanae Vitae Infallible Teaching? Yes!

In The Catholic Medical Quarterly, Father Thomas Crean, O.P. presents easily understood arguments to affirm that Pope Paul VI’s condemnation of birth control falls under supreme magisterial doctrine. Sadly, we all know married Catholics who attend Mass on Sunday and are using and have used the pill, and they receive Communion unrepentant. They refused to accept Humanae Vitae or natural law arguments.  There were and are always plenty of priests around since 1969 who dissented on this moral law, if not publicly, then, privately, in the confessional. God help them. These priests are partly responsible for the calamitous loss of morals of two generations of “practicing Catholics,” most of whose children have ceased practicing or totally lost the Faith.

Father Crean: The encyclical letter Humanae Vitae, promulgated by Pope Paul VI in 1968, is certainly one of the most important Church documents of modern times. The Pope was addressing a question of great relevance for millions of married couples, namely, what the natural moral law permits and forbids with regard to regulating procreation. Read full article here.