Magdi Christian Allam: Europe is Sick from Relativism

Interviewed by an Argentine newspaper, the courageous new convert, Magdi Christian Allam, knocks European relativism and political correctness about religious matters. He seems to grasp that a religiously emaciated Europe cannot stand up against a surly Islam bent on takeover. The latter is not politically correct or relativistic. Excerpt:

According to Allam, there is an effort underway to discredit him and attack the Pope, but he said, having received baptism from the Pope is the greatest gift life could give me and was testimony for many Muslims I know who converted here in Italy, but who live their faith in secret out of fear.”

“I think that what I did—and there was not planning—was just, was a good, and I think the Pope was extremely wise in allowing the reasons of the faith to prevail over diplomatic and political considerations,” Allam added.

“We must distinguish between Islam as a religion and Muslims as people. If I decided to convert, it is totally obvious that I did so because I developed a negative appreciation of Islam. If I thought Islam were a true and good religion, I would not have converted, I would still be a Muslim. But we live in a Europe that is sick from relativism and that is beholden to political correctness. So we have to say that all religions are equal, no matter what their content is, and we can’t say anything that will hurt the feelings of someone else. But I reject this because I believe that the exercise of freedom of expression cannot be limited. And I say what I think,” Allam said. [Full article]