Bishop Robert J. McManus: Defending Worcester’s Catholic Children against LGBTQ Indoctrination

The following is a Catholic Action League of Massachusetts news release…

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today commended the Bishop of Worcester, the Most Reverend Robert J. McManus, for his defense of Catholic Faith and morals.

Yesterday, August 15th, the Diocese of Worcester issued a new instruction for Catholic schools — Catholic Education and the Human Person / Diocesan policy for schools regarding sexuality and sexual identity.

This instruction requires all students at Catholic schools in the diocese to be identified according to their biological sex, and to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with Catholic moral principles.

It states:

All entities of the Catholic Church are for the purpose of furthering the saving mission of Jesus Christ and must operate in accord with the truth revealed by God in both natural law and divine revelation.  In particular, our Catholic schools must remain in the fullness of the truth in order to carry out their proper mission.

The new policy reaffirms previous prohibitions against bullying, harassment, or threats or acts of violence against any student based on that student’s perceived sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

It calls students to chastity, prohibits displays of romantic or sexual affection, and encourages students to demonstrate modesty in language, appearance, dress and behavior.

Students will be prohibited from expressing, advocating, or celebrating same sex attraction, and will be expected to comport themselves in a manner corresponding with their biological sex, which will be reflected on all school documents.

Students who, through expressions of sexuality, mislead others, or cause confusion, disruption or scandal, will be subject to removal from the school, “whose primary goal must always be to uphold Catholic truths and principles.”

Significantly, the document maintains that no Catholic school must be forced to submit to any law, regulation or judicial decision involving gender identity “inconsistent with the doctrine and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.”

There are 21 Catholic elementary and secondary schools in the Diocese of Worcester. All are administered either by the diocese or by a religious order.

Unlike the Archdiocese of Boston, where attempts to formulate school policy on gender dysphoria have resulted in bitter contention, leaks to the press, and a forced resignation from its study committee, the Diocese of Worcester has managed to devise a straightforward policy founded upon perennial Catholic teaching.

The Catholic Action League called the Bishop’s instruction an “act of courage and fidelity, which underscores the necessity of the Church being counter-cultural in modern society.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “Catholic schools were built by and for the Catholic community, whose children have a right to an authentically Catholic education.”

“Catholic parents should enjoy the reasonable expectation that Catholic schools will provide a genuine alternative to the secular values and practices — often inimical to Christian morality and parental rights — which prevail in the government controlled public school system.”

“Finally, the Catholic faithful should have the right to hear the truth of the Church’s teachings, without their beliefs being reprobated or their religious leaders being demonized by secular society.”

“Catholics should regard the opprobrium and the ad hominem attacks which will now be visited upon Bishop McManus as testimony to his loyalty and to his integrity.”