Missionaries of the Poor, Serving the Poorest of the Poor, the Sick, the Infirm, and the Homeless

Founded in Kingston by Jamaican Father Richard Ho Lung in 1981, the brothers of the Missionaries of the Poor number more than 550 members, serving the world’s most destitute in eight countries. Their mission, according to one Catholic website, is to “spread the Good News of Jesus Christ primarily by performing the corporal works of mercy of Jesus and secondarily through liturgy, preaching, music, teaching and sacraments.”  The brothers, who give away all personal property, take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.  Everything is done in community including eating, sleeping, and traveling. All of their daily activities revolve around prayer and worship. More than just giving aid with food, clothing and shelter, the Missionaries of the Poor are dedicated to building up the Church and teaching the Faith. Dedicated to the Holy Rosary, they wear the beads on their sash, and, providentially, the order was approved by the Vatican on the feast of the Holy Rosary in 1997. Their motto is: “United with Him on the Cross, We will Serve Joyfully.” You can read more about the founder of the order and his dedicated and courageous young brothers here.