Mozillians, Dominicans, and Quislings

Considerably more significant than Mozilla’s trashing of Brendan Eich is what has happened to  Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, the Dominican who’s been thrown under the bus by ecclesiastical quislings who lack her fortitude in standing up for Catholic teaching. Why is it more significant? Because opposition to sound morality is more to be expected in the world than in the Church.

When teaching sisters who defend Catholic morality are virtually handed over to a mob of dissenting homosexualist Catholics, what are we to expect to happen in the world? We are supposed to be the salt of the earth. Recall, dear readers, what happens when the salt loses its savor. The Church’s duty is to oppose the evil currents of the world. When she fails to do so, those currents get faster and deadlier.

Some may think that the Catholic Church is in the mess it is in because Catholics are just going along with the world. That is an incomplete assessment at best. More to the point is the fact that world is so bad now because of the failure of Catholics to stand up for Christ the King in the face of its wickedness.

Jimmy Akin has a good posting on how you can push back against Mozilla. (As my own little protest, I switched over to Safari, uninstalled Firefox — which I’ve used for years — and made a complaint on the Mozilla site.) But how do we “push back” against what was done to Sister Jane Dominic? Here are some recommendations.

  1. Pray for Sister Jane Dominic. (The Litany of Dominican Saints is recommended to generous souls.)
  2. Write her a letter of support.
  3. Write the Bishop of the Diocese where the school is located, respectfully registering your support of Sister Jane Dominic and your disappointment that she was not publicly vindicated and praised for defending Catholic truth. (This is in accordance with Can. 212 §3.) In light of the news item linked below this list, please make it a letter of thanks to Bishop Peter Jugis for supporting her.
  4. Support clergy, religious, and apostolates that uphold Catholic truth, not those that are conformed to the fashions of this world.
  5. Bearing in mind that lex orandi est lex credendi, worship exclusively in the traditional rites of the Church. Integral Catholicism is the ultimate pushback.
  6. And here is the most radical: Lovingly and zealously teach Catholic children and youth how to save their souls and live full, countercultural, and joyful Catholic lives. If the devil did not hate this so much, Sister Jane Dominic’s talk would have not have generated the headlines it did.