N.H. Gov. Sununu Identifies as ‘Pro-Choice,’ Says Pro-Life Position Is ‘Extreme’

The following is a Catholic Action League of Massachusetts news release…

In an April 12th letter to the Judiciary Committee of the New Hampshire State Senate, Granite State Governor Chris Sununu urged members of the committee to support House Bill 1609—An Act Relative to the Scope of the Fetal Life Protection Act. This measure would weaken the state’s first ever ban on late term abortions—those performed after 24 weeks—which went into in effect on January 1st.

Sununu is supporting the so-called fetal anomaly exception, which would permit a late term abortion if a medical diagnosis determined that the unborn child has a fatal condition.

Robert Dunn, the Public Policy Director for the Diocese of Manchester, opposes the exception, saying “This would be the first time New Hampshire would designate a particular category of children to be liable for abortion, and that’s a door we don’t think the state should open.”

In his letter to the Committee, Sununu said “…I do not live in extremes on either side of the issue…” and added “I am pro-choice…”

Referring to late term abortion, he went on to say “We must ensure that access to these medical services remain safe and accessible in the Granite State…”

Sununu, a nominal Catholic of Greek Orthodox ancestry, has a long history, as an elected official, of support for abortion and contraception.

The Catholic Action League characterized Sununu’s position as “moral imbecility masquerading as political moderation.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C.J. Doyle made the following comment: “As with so many baptized Catholics in American public life, it is reasonable to infer that Governor Sununu’s position on abortion has more to do with polling data than personal convictions.”

“If Sununu supports some modest restrictions on late term abortions, it is probably because his party—with its legislative majorities in both branches of the New Hampshire General Court—leaves him little choice in the matter.”

“If he were running for office south of the New Hampshire border, his position on abortion would likely be indistinguishable from that of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, another libertarian pretending to be a Republican.”

“Sununu’s ethical obtuseness, when it comes to the killing of helpless, pre-born children, is one more example of the failure of post-conciliar Catholicism to form believing and conscientious Catholics, who are willing to defend in the public square, the sanctity of innocent human life.”