NBCNews ‘Suggests’ Shroud of Turin a ‘Fake’

Secularists bent on disparaging the miraculous will not leave the Holy Shroud alone. This article by Jessica Spitz is based on some forensic “expert’s” examination of the “positioning” of the body wrapped in the shroud. And, for good measure, the writer of this report throws in gratis that “some” (?) doubt that the stains on the image are “even blood at all.” The flimsy, superficial, and deficient excuse for a “scientific” article undoes itself in its concluding quote from Victor Weedn, chairman of forensic sciences as George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Weedn said in an interview that he was “skeptical of this analysis,” adding that there was no reason to believe that the body could not have been moved while being transported: “We’re not dealing with things we really know about,” he said. “We just don’t know if this cloth was laid on someone who just laid there or was wrapped around the body or moved some before being put in a particular place.” (my emphasis) 

The authenticity of the Holy Shroud as being in fact the burial cloth of Jesus is demonstrated in these articles from our website. See here. And here  And here And here. Lastly, we have a detailed article with the history of the Shroud and forensic data confirming its authenticity and the miraculous nature of its imprint here.

NBCNews, Jessica Spitz: Forensic scientists have once again concluded that the Shroud of Turin, supposedly the burial cloth Jesus was wrapped in after his crucifixion, was artificially created. Read here.