New Evidence Adds Scientific Support to Holy Shroud’s Authenticity

As I was searching around for the names of a husband and wife team (she was a Jew) that have dedicated their lives to promote the Holy Shroud I came across an interesting website, founded and maintained by Barrie Schwortz, who was the official documenting photographer assigned to film the Shroud of Turin Research Project back in 1978.  Schwortz is a Jew and he has dedicated himself to promoting the authenticity of the Shroud.  However, he is not the man I was looking for, because he has not yet converted.  Another husband and wife team that promotes the Holy Shroud is Joseph and Susan Marino.  Susan, who uses her maiden name Benford, died recently; she was only fifty one.  She was not a Catholic.  How sad!  His grace, even one as great as His holy Image, does not force itself upon the will.

CWN reports: In new study of the Shroud of Turin has discovered traces of writing in Aramaic, judged by experts to be more than 1800 years old. The visible letters appear to portions of the phrase “king of the Jews”– thereby strongly supporting the belief that the fabric is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.  Go here for link to CNA article.