New Saints Declared, Many Martyrs: Even Still No Canonizations of Martyrs From Communism

Yes, there are Blesseds (as the 498 Spanish victims of Red terror in the War in Spain in 1936-39) declared blessed by Benedict XVI, but no canonized saints for the millions killed for their Catholic Faith by the Reds in Europe and Asia. Nevertheless, we rejoice for the new saints canonized by Pope Francis yesterday, 30 of whom were martyred by Dutch Calvinists and three other child martyrs from Mexico.

Catholic Culture; The new saints include 30 Natal martyrs, slain by Dutch Calvinists in Brazil; 3 child martyrs of Tlaxcala, Mexico; St. Faustino Miguez, a Spanish Piarist priest; and St. Angelo da Acri, an Italian Capuchin Franciscan priest. Click here for the Pope’s homily and here for the Vatican YouTube video of the Mass. Link to Vatican Radio News here.