On My Way to South Dakota!

This Saturday, July 24, I’ll be giving a talk at Spearfish Park, in the lovely city of Spearfish, South Dakota. My subject will be Father Pierre-Jean De Smet, the intrepid Belgian Jesuit who evangelized (among others) the tribes of the Rocky Mountains. Father De Smet was part of a notable chain of three (like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle): Father Charles Nerinckx, the Belgian secular priest and pioneer missionary of Kentucky, recruited De Smet into the Jesuit American mission, and De Smet, in turn, recruited Chicago’s Jesuit Apostle, the Dutch-born Father Arnold Damen. (In February of last year, Brother Maximilian and I had the privilege of reverencing the graves of Fathers Damen and De Smet.)

Anyone interested in attending may call Gary or Linda at  605-456-2804.