Peasants at the Palace Gates

From Washington and San Francisco to Rome, Berlin and London, globalism’s urban political, economic and cultural elites have looked out their windows and beheld peasants from the countryside gathering at the palace gates with their pitchforks and rosaries. The menacing sight has stirred panic among them which they try to suppress by reassuring one another that there really is nothing serious to worry about. After all, these are the people dismissed by Hillary Clinton as “deplorables”. Barack Obama derided them for “clinging to their guns and bibles.”

The elites resemble the proverbial frightened souls trying to keep up their courage by whistling past the graveyard.

Although they try to hide it, their mounting desperation reveals itself in various ways. Some are simply ridiculous. An example is a recent action of the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco, where political correctness is a substitute for religion. It passed a resolution the other day that formally branded the National Rifle Association as a “domestic terrorism organization.” This in a city become world famous for its homeless defecating in the streets and publicly shooting up drugs with municipally-supplied free needles. The Board of Supervisors fiddles while their city burns.

Of course San Francisco isn’t a real city anymore. Like others – Paris and London come to mind – it’s simply a pleasure machine populated by millennials with enough money to inhabit it. On the one hand are the homeless defecating in the streets, and on the other is the wealthiest zip code in the U.S. The poverty line for a family of four in San Francisco is an income of $186,000! Not that very many families live there. Of the one hundred largest cities in the U.S., San Francisco has the smallest proportion of children.

You can’t have a city, or a society, without children, without families. The elites don’t see that. They can’t because in their circles all they see is others like themselves: childless, politically correct in everything, affluent, sexually fluid, without religion, globalist, solipsistic.

Not all elites are as frivolous as the ones who have turned San Francisco into a you-know-what-hole. Their desperation is more intense and more visible. In Rome, after years of being at each other’s throats, the 5-Star Movement and EU-loving socialists of the Democratic Party cynically reversed themselves to form a coalition government in order (for the time being) to prevent a national election which the nationalist populist League and its leader Matteo Salvini would win. The new government promptly showed its colors by allowing ashore a ship full of African “refugees.” For how long do you think the Italian people will put up with that?

In state elections in three eastern German states the Socialist Party called on its members to vote for candidates of the center-right Christian Democratic Union in districts where candidates of the nationalist populist AfD party were likely to win. The move did prevent outright AfD victories but the nationalist populists still came second in two of the three states. The AfD, which was founded only five years ago, is already the second-largest party in the German federal parliament. The point is that all German parties have pledged not to cooperate with the AfD, to act as if the party didn’t exist. For how long do you think the German people will put up with that?

In London the globalists are so desperate to prevent the U.K. from leaving the EU that the minority socialists of the Labour Party joined with the Lib-Dem Party to block Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s motion to dissolve Parliament and have a national election. It was the first time in modern British parliamentary history that a party not in power has refused an election. The globalists know they would lose and no longer be able to prevent Brexit. For how much longer do you think the people of Britain will put up with that?

Polling at 25% voter support, the Flemish nationalist populist Vlaams Belang is now the largest political party in Belgium. However, as with the AfD in Germany, all other parties in the country have pledged to have nothing to do with Vlaams Belang. For how long do you think the people of Belgium will put up with that?

Then there is Pope Francis. He seems unable now to open his mouth without spouting globalist tripe. With seventy percent of the world’s Catholics no longer believing in the Real Presence, what did he talk about when he met with reporters the other week on a flight back to Rome from a trip to east Africa? He told them: “Our duty is to obey the United Nations.” Some days later he announced that in May he will host an education conference at which leaders of all sectors of society from politics to sports will discuss how the world’s youth can be formed to embrace a “new humanism.” For how much longer will the people of God put up with this?

A countless number, certainly including ones who still believe in the Real Presence, no longer will. There is no ballot box where they can vote to change popes, However, they can – and in increasing numbers do – worship at Masses where priests facing God elevate the consecrated host for their adoration and where they may then receive Him kneeling and on the tongue. Such people may look like schismatics to liberals within Catholicism, but in the same airplane press conference where he announced “our duty is to obey the United Nations” Francis said these folks, especially Americans, don’t frighten him.

Nonsense. Just like his fellow elitists looking out the palace windows at the gathering peasants with their pitchforks and rosaries, he knows deep down that time is almost up for him and his kind. It is why he is becoming more openly and radically liberal in his pronouncements. It’s desperation. He knows his microphone is about to be cut off.

Still, he is Pope. He may otherwise be ignored, but we have to remember him in our rosaries.