Petition Raised to Take Down Statue of City Patron Saint Louis IX of France

The only source I have for this is secular and anti-Catholic, so I beg your pardon. In answer to our biased source KMOX Radio, Saint Louis was hardly singular in burning the Talmud. From the time it was first published in the sixth century the Talmud was condemned by the Church for unspeakable blasphemy. Copies, if found, were often burned in Christian centuries by Church authorities. And, as far as Pope Leo X is concerned, he did give permission to the Jews to build a Hebrew Printing press in Rome. He ought to have known they would print the Talmud. Leo was a scandalous pope, unworthy of the office, the last pope to be elected without first being ordained a priest … that came later. Before finally excommunicating Luther in 1521 he gave the heretic lots of ammunition during his eight year reign. Moral ammunition not doctrinal.

KMOX Radio: A petition has been made with hopes of changing the city’s name in St. Louis and taking down a statue of its namesake, Saint Louis IX in Forest Park. The creators say the city’s name is “outright disrespect” to Jewish and Muslim residents and they’re asking for support. Report is here.