PM of Pakistan Manifests Ignorance of Islam’s History, Mohammed, and Koran

I distinguish the Koran from Mohammed because there is ample evidence that this book was not written by Mohammed. In fact, Mohammedan scholars all agree that their prophet communicated his “revelations” only verbally. First mention of such a composite book was in the writings of Saint John of Damascus who lived about a hundred years after Mohammed. Prior to this saint’s record and his rebuttals of Islam there were, of course, texts which Mohammedans considered were given by God to “the prophet”, but with no unanimity of such among the variant scribes. By the time of Saint John there was a book that was more commonly believed to be the “real” deal. This “real” deal contained much that was borrowed from gnostic and apocryphal works that pre-dated Mohammed by several centuries. What PM Imran Khan alleges below is contradicted by the Koran itself and the long history of jihad.

Agenzia Fides:  Prime Minister Imran Khan: “We have to learn from the time of Madina, 1400 years ago, how our Prophet Muhammad treated the minorities living in the state. We must follow Prophet Muhammad’s approach with minorities. He formed a welfare state that was promoting compassion, humanity, justice and rights for everyone.

Imran Khan also added that in Islam no practice comparable to forced conversions is conceivable, since “God asked his messengers to spread the message, accepting it and becoming a believer is a free will of the person. We cannot force anyone to accept Islam under the threat of arms or persecution, or forcing religious minority women to convert after they have been kidnapped. Such acts cannot in any way be considered compatible with Islam. And those who work to convert people by force, kidnapping them or subjecting them to threats, show that they have no correct understanding of Islamic teachings”. Read the article here.