RIP Count Neri Capponi December 13, 2018, Canonist and Defender of Traditional Mass

New Liturgical Movement: Gregory Dipippo: Count Neri Capponi, a prominent Florentine legal scholar and canonist, and one of the great defenders of the rights of those attached to the traditional Mass, passed away on Thursday in his native city of Florence, Italy. Count Capponi taught for many decades at the University of Florence, while also serving on the marriage tribunal of the archdiocese; he was also recognized as a canon lawyer with the credentials to speak before the Roman Rota. He was one of the very few to argue insistently that the Roman Church’s traditional liturgy had never been formally abolished, a position which he sustained against all comers, and in which he was finally vindicated by Pope Benedict XVI in the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum. He was also a regular contributor to The Latin Mass and other traditionalist publications.

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