San Diego: Pastoral Associate Resigns Alleging Harassment and Threats from Conservative Catholics

Aaron Blanco says he has “endured physical and emotional violence from groups like Church Militant and LifeSite News for the past year and a half.” The violence, he says, included slashed tires, death threats, attacks outside Mass, and “hundreds of letters, phone calls and emails.”The harassment increased “to another level” overnight Oct. 14-15, he added, when assailants “broke into the office/rectory” of St. John the Evangelist Parish “and spray-painted ‘no fags’ on the conference room wall.” The “final straw,” he said, was an Oct. 17 internet posting of “pictures of my family, including a photo of my deceased mother” and revealing “where I live.”

Sorry, but I am highly skeptical. Not that these crimes were committed, but that Church Militant and LifeSite News had anything to do with the criminal ones. Let’s see what the FBI and San Diego police find out. One of the tactics of the unscrupulous left is to have some of their own commit these crimes and then blame it on good Catholic activists who oppose their agenda. The truth will come out.

Catholic Culture: An openly homosexual pastoral associate at a San Diego parish has resigned, complaining of harassment by conservative Catholics. Aaron Bianco, who is a partner in a same-sex marriage, had been defended by Bishop Robert McElroy, who said: “If the Church eliminated all the employees who are not living out the teachings of the Church in its fullness, we would be employing only angels.” See linked article here.