Satanic Desecration Moved off Harvard’s Campus as Catholics Make Reparation

The Satanic Black Mass that was to happen at Harvard University’s Memorial Hall was cancelled last night. Deo Gratias et Mariae! Prayerful protests and acts of reparation took on a tone of thanksgiving when those assembled learned of the event’s cancellation. (News reports linked below inform us that a low-key version of the mocking sacrilege took place at a Chinese restaurant after negotiations fell through with a night club.)

I was with about seventy people who prayed in front of Memorial Hall an hour before the scheduled desecration. Then, we joined the Holy Hour at St. Paul’s Church in Harvard Square (across from which was the original Saint Benedict Center on Bow and Arrow Streets), which drew a crowd that, to me, appeared to top 1,000. The Church was standing room only and the crowd poured onto the street outside. Hundreds of people had earlier processed from the Catholic Chapel at MIT to Saint Paul’s with the Blessed Sacrament in solemn procession (canopy, torches, and all — with lots of clergy).

So, Satan and his not-so-useful idiots (in this case) inadvertently arranged for the kind of public display of Catholicity that Catholics are often too shy to practice.

Joe Doyle had alerted Catholics to meet in front of Memorial Hall at around 7:00. The largest contingent present there was from Saint Benedict Center in Still River, Massachusetts. An SSPX priest (a Father Gardner, I believe) was present with some of the traditional Catholic faithful he serves. Militant members of the TFP were also present, with bagpipes, singing, and Rosaries. These different groups presented a united front for Christ the King. Some of this is visible in the New England Cable News piece, below, where Joe Doyle is interviewed. Our Brother Louis Marie is visible carrying the Crucifix at the front of the procession in the Fox News piece.

During the Holy Hour, a heckler began to shout into the Church from the street. I was amused to see that he quieted down after Joe Doyle informed one of the policemen standing by precisely which state statute the man was violating by interrupting a service in a place of worship. Joe is a walking encyclopedia of useful knowledge. (While the officer may not have known that part of the law he is sworn to uphold, at least he was humble enough to take advice from someone with that knowledge. )

Worth glancing at is coverage by the Harvard Crimson, New England Cable News, The Boston Globe, and

A very special thanks to all who joined us with your prayers!

(This piece is likely to get updated today as more coverage is made available.)

Here is the Fox News coverage. They also interviewed Joe Doyle:

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