‘Scandals’ Didn’t Stop This Protestant Couple from Embracing Catholicism

CNA, Jenny Uebbing: “When you work in the church as I did [Allison DeVine], in various Christian denominations all my life, you already know about everything that goes on behind closed doors,” she said. “Nothing shocked us. The difference is, though, these other churches aren’t big enough, aren’t institutionally organized in the same way. So some of them may break news for about five minutes, but nothing seems to capture the headlines the way Catholic scandals do,” she added.

“It’s actually amazing to me, because Jesus says ‘you will be persecuted for my sake,’ and we can see that in the way the Catholic Church is constantly in the news, constantly under media scrutiny. For us it was truly a mark that this was the true Church,” DeVine said. Story of their conversion is here.