Secular Democrats Urge Biden to Promote ‘Constitutional Secularism’ and Counter Trump’s Christian Right

LifeSiteNews, Michael Haynes: SDA (Secular Democrats of America) writes that now is the time to “advance constitutional secularism,” and that Biden should “counter” the “Christian nationalist movement” and the “religious right.” Calling for “constitutional secularism and the separation of church and state as core governing principles,” SDA also attacks the Trump administration, accusing the president of promoting the “religious right” and violating constitutional principles.

Religious institutions and organizations are repeatedly highlighted in the document, as SDA proposes removing any preferential or particular treatment which religious groups enjoy. Religious schools would be required to “teach curricula in accordance with national secular standards,” if receiving government funds. SDA also calls for the cessation of all taxpayer funds to “contractors or grantees that discriminate on the basis of religion or to programs that promote a sectarian agenda, such as private religious schools, crisis pregnancy centers, and abstinence-only sex education.”

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