Seton Hall Radio Continues Playing Blasphemous and Sadistic Satanic ‘Music’

The Lepanto Institute, Michael Hichborn: In January of 2017, following his installation Mass as the new Archbishop of Newark, Cardinal Joseph Tobin said, “People in my business should have the smell of the sheep, what it means is you should be close enough to people to know what they are up against.”  But for over a year, Cardinal Tobin has closed himself off and remained completely silent about a grave threat to the Faithful under his charge.

For two months, Catholics have been calling upon Cardinal Tobin to shut down WSOU 89.5 FM, a radio station owned and operated by his diocesan university, Seton Hall.  Faithful Catholics are furious that a Catholic-owned radio station is broadcasting music that glorifies sadism, violence, gore, and the occult.  But despite repeated attempts to ask the Cardinal to take action, he has only offered his silence.  And now, new information reveals that Cardinal Tobin was fully briefed on the Satanic nature of WSOU’s broadcasts over a year ago. Report is here.