St. Pulcheria, Empress, Patroness of Two Ecumenical Councils

So great was this saint that Brother Francis used to say that she won from God 1000 years for the continuation of the Christian empire in the East before the Moslems took over Constantinople in 1453. Saint Pulcheris died in 453.

TIA, Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: “Thanks to you, the scandals stimulated by the evil spirit were suppressed. Thanks to your efforts, the whole earth today is united in the confession of the same Faith.”

With these words, Pope St. Leo the Great paid tribute to Empress Pulcheria (399-453), grand-daughter of Theodosius. She was baptized by St. John Chrysostom in Constantinople and while still very young, she made a vow of virginity along with her two younger sisters. Story is here.