Syncretism: ‘Cosmic Christ’ in the Spirits of Animism

The winds of change are blowin’ for liberal “theologian” Paul Hwang as he indoctrinates the young and, hardly inculpable, ignorant Catholics with his anti-clerical and syncretistic heresies. But, his kind have been around for decades now, promoting all kinds of gelatinous substitutes for the true, visible, and hierarchical religion. Any union-less unity will do for cosmic-minded pretenders of Dr. Hwang’s ilk as long as the change does not involve a mea culpa for the sin of idolatry, heresy, or religious indifferentism. For Hwang, animism is not incompatible with Catholicism. Why not? Because he does not believe in the authentic Catholic Faith, the Faith that so many martyrs died for rather than violate the First Commandment.

UCANews: Perhaps not always, but I often feel that it is difficult for a lay person with some sociological and theological background to work with the Church hierarchy, especially in Asia. Its rigid top-down structure and culture make it virtually impossible for lay people to be equal partners with the clergy in most Asian countries, despite the fact that Christianity is a tiny minority here.

But the wind of change is blowing stronger and stronger. It would be illogical if I say it is thanks to Pope Francis, because he himself is one of the clergy. Rather I would say it is because of the Spirit, working both among lay people and clergy. That is what is making the wind blow, albeit at a slow but steady pace. Read full article here.