Another Defeat for the SPLC

(Public Advocate) Federal Judge Dismisses Claim by Leftist SPLC lawyers Against Public Advocate. Delgaudio: “The Court has upheld Public Advocate’s First Amendment Right To Defend America’s Families.” Today (March 31), in Denver, Colorado, senior federal district judge Wiley Y. Daniel … Continue reading

DOJ-SPLC Connection: Surprised?

The nefarious Southern Poverty Law Center enjoys a close relationship with Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. It should come as no surprise that the Obama administration would link itself to such an organization, given their shared commitment to depravity, mendacity, … Continue reading

SPLC: Hate List, Inc.

(WND) The Southern Poverty Law Center — which has labeled WND and other conservative organizations “hate groups” — is spending massive amounts of money to promote hate-crime propaganda rather than funding its purported mission. The SPLC bills itself as a … Continue reading

SPLC Makes Nuissance of Self, Again

(The Remnant) Congratulation to the Parents Action League of Minnesota, which was just named by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group! I say “congratulations” because this so-called law center is itself impoverished and guilty of hate: impoverished … Continue reading

Another Anti-SPLC Article

This one from The New American. Excerpt: Smells of a Smear But nowadays the SPLC has become infamous for its commando-aggressive, slick campaigns against mainstream Americans who support constitutional government, the Second Amendment, sound money, traditional marriage, and legal immigration. … Continue reading