The 12 Anglican Nuns Who Became Catholic Together in 2013

National Catholic Register, K .V. Hurley: On Jan. 2, 2013, 12 fully habited nuns left their convent forever.

They walked or were helped to a waiting coach. On board there were some suitcases and bedding. They left with all they possessed.

As the coach drew away from their former home, other nuns similarly dressed waved “goodbye” to those leaving. One group of nuns had settled for what they had always known; another had set out on an unknown path. Both groups knew they would never see each other again.

The coach was heading to a monastery on an island off the south coast of England. It was only a temporary halt though. The departing nuns’ final destination was as yet unclear. As they drove further from the familiar – both physically and spiritually – the Sisters began silently to pray the Rosary. Story here.