‘The Catholic Ritual of Sharing Wafers and Wine or Juice’?

Judging from her complete name, Rebecca Tan Hui Shan, I assume the journalist  cited below is Chinese and, based on the stupidity of the religious part of the article (see title above), that she is not Catholic. Nevertheless, the supine ignorance is inexcusable. Not surprisingly, her reputation as an unbiased and fair writer s checkered. That’s an understatement. You can see proof of this here with her underhanded tactics in covering Katherine Kersten, a well-known journalist who works for the patriotic Center of the American Experiment

The Washington Post, Rebecca Tan: The pastor of a Catholic church who urged people not to “cower in fear” of the novel coronavirus has contracted the disease that it causes, prompting District of Columbia health officials to tell about 250 staff members and parishioners to self-quarantine for two weeks. More here.