The Governor’s Lesson

There is plenty enough on New York governor Eliot Spitzer’s recent scandal in the media (e.g., “Virulently Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay NY Governor Admits Involvement in High-Level Prostitution Ring”). One of the many morals to be learned from this story has been captured by John Zmirak:

I take no glee in his sin, but in its very timely (Providential?) exposure. Somewhere, some little old Bronx Irish lady’s rosaries have paid off. I’d like to suggest to reporters the same question I once posed for President Clinton, another pro-choice philanderer:

Governor, for how many abortions have you been personally responsible?

In that earlier article of his that Zmirak links to, he makes the point that a certain sleazy brand of male politician has a vested interest in keeping abortion decriminalized. The writer has a firm grasp of human evil.

Governor Spitzer has a wife and three daughters. Their feeling of betrayal must be terrible. In addition, all women and children have been betrayed by the governor’s record.