The Jena Six—and Other Scams

Pat Buchanan wrote a great exposé on a journalistic agitprop stunt that took place in Jena, Louisiana. He tells the real story behind the hype generated by special interest groups.

This story goes considerably beyond black-white race issues. It is a case study in how social elites manipulate truth and public opinion for their various leftist causes, whatever they happen to be at the moment. The “racism” of the white parties in the Jena case — shown by Buchanan to be mythical — could easily have been “sexism,” “homophobia,” “anti-Semitism,” or “extremism” of one sort or another.

To recognize that agenda-laden media personnel and ideologues in the multi-million-dollar “anti-hate” industry manufacture these incidents is not to deny that such -isms have real adherents and practitioners. It is, rather, to grasp reality.