How ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ Actually Came to Massachusetts

The following is a Catholic Action League of Massachusetts member advisory…

Longtime pro-family activist Amy Contrada, the Director of Research for Mass Resistance, has written a splendid and shocking new book, revealing how the Commonwealth of Massachusetts came to recognize sodomy as a conjugal act.

Amy’s singularly impressive book — Corrupt Bargains: How Gay Marriage Began in Massachusettsis a painstakingly researched, comprehensively detailed, copiously documented, meticulously accurate, lucidly written and compellingly told tale of revolutionary politics and cultural upheaval.

It recounts how, through lies, corruption and contempt for constitutional norms and democratic governance, the deformity of marriage was brought to Massachusetts, and ultimately, to the rest of America.

As Amy’s careful scholarship makes clear, this moral catastrophe, which debased our civilization, could not have been perpetrated without the deceptions, duplicity and hypocrisy of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, one of the great posers of contemporary American politics.

When even the court itself recognized that it could not order the Legislature to change the state’s marriage laws, Romney, who had made clandestine commitments to Log Cabin Republicans, instructed the Department of Public Health to begin issuing arbitrarily and unlawfully altered marriage licenses to same sex couples.

Then Romney’s Legal Counsel, the socially liberal Dan Winslow, began threatening justices of the peace with “personal liability” if they failed to perform same sex ceremonies, while demanding that city and town clerks with conscientious objections resign.

In examining Romney’s Janus faced role in same sex marriage, homosexual adoption and emergency contraception, Amy Contrada unlocks the secret to Romney’s sordid career: that Romney, for political gain, has always been willing to collaborate with, or at least acquiesce in, America’s cultural revolution, while pretending to oppose it.

Romney, of course, was not alone. As Amy explains, a narrow, four judge majority (out of seven) on the Commonwealth’s Supreme Judicial Court dismissed, with Olympian arrogance, thousands of years of moral, legal, philosophical and theological consensus on marriage — in other words, natural law — as mere prejudice.

The court then went on to claim, preposterously, that a constitution written in 1780 by John and Sam Adams, and by James Bowdoin — and which actually excluded the judiciary from causes of marriage — contained a heretofore unheard of right for two persons of the same gender to attempt matrimony.

Meanwhile, legislators, in a clear dereliction of duty, disregarded their oath-bound responsibilities, and refused to vote on a constitutional amendment to preserve traditional marriage. They did this to serve the powerful special interest — the homosexual lobby — which helped finance the election campaigns which sustained their tawdry careers.

Amy also points out that while grass-roots activists were determined to stop this social revolution through judicial fiat, some establishment pro-family organizations allowed themselves to be taken in by the programmed-to-fail Romney charade.

The only consideration that the Catholic Action League would add to Amy Contrada’s thorough and thoughtful analysis is one question.

Divorce came to the Republic of Ireland in 1986 after revelations of sexual abuse discredited the moral authority of the Catholic Church in that country. Spearheading the attack on the Church was Ireland’s major media institution, the post-Protestant, neo-Unionist Irish Times.

Was it a coincidence therefore, that just as the same sex marriage cause — the Goodridge case — began winding its way through Massachusetts courts, that New England’s major media institution, the anti-Catholic Boston Globe, unleashed its sex abuse jihad against the Catholic Church in January of 2002?

Amy Contrada has made a valuable contribution to the historical record. Corrupt Bargains will remain, for decades to come, the definitive, authoritative work on this tragedy for Western Christian Civilization.

As the official narrative, peddled by establishment journalists and academics, will tell a false story, it is vitally important that Americans who believe in moral sanity and constitutional government become familiar with Amy Contrada’s great triumph of truth telling, Corrupt Bargains.

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