The Story of the Attack On and Miraculous Rescue Of the Holy Shroud From the 1997 Fire

I have posted here the article from Contre Reform Catholique by Abbe Georges de Nantes. It is a tribute he sent to his fellow religious Brother Bruno who had written a thirty page defense of the authenticity of the Holy Shroud as the true burial shroud of Our Savior. In it he relates the account of the miraculous rescue of the Holy Shroud from the 1997 fire

Vittorio Messori, the Pope’s historiographer, has no doubt  : “ Believe me, someone wanted to burn the Shroud  : I do not exclude an international plot, and I would suspect either Masonic circles or Islamic fundamentalists ” (Oggi, April 16-23)

.Dear Brother Bruno de Jésus,

What a joy to receive from you this sindonological synthesis of your twenty years’ work – a work of faultless science and of loving adoration. The only thing missing was this postface which I had promised you… when this terrible fire of Friday April 11 made us fear for a moment – an eternity  ! – that the sacred Relic had been consumed in the flames, reduced to ashes in its silver coffin, imprisoned in its crystal tomb. It was a dreadful moment, not a matter for anecdote, for it was feared that this fire, which was not due to chance, might be the tragic end of this Shroud, all too similar to the death of Him who had once been wrapped in it, at the end of some disturbing satanic “ role play ”  : this linen cloth imprinted with the effigy of Jesus, stained with His Blood, thrown onto the fire by the godless after being judged and condemned as a work of forgery by the “ International Scientific Community ”, with no protest from the Church, on Holy Saturday 1997, on the French television channel ARTE  ! Read the full article here.

The heroic fireman, Mario Trematore, tells his astounding story of the rescue here.