Two Reconquest Episodes on Christian Zionism

Earlier this year, I produced two Reconquest episodes on the subject of Christian Zionism. Mr. Steve Cunningham, of the Sensus Fidelium YouTube channel, has dressed them up with graphics and posted them on his channel. I have not reviewed the graphics, by the way, and do not claim responsibility for them, though I do take responsibility for everything I said.

Regarding what I said, let me make it clear that what is being discussed is “Christian Zionism,” which is an heretical construct within the larger heresy of Protestantism. Premillennial Dispensationalism, which produced Christian Zionism, is the product of Christian heresy.

Each episode is displayed in its own YouTube video player, below. Beneath each video is a link to the site, from which articles for further reading may be accessed.

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Episode 111: Christian Zionism, Tracing the Lines of a Warmongering Heresy

Episode 112: Why Christian Zionism Is a Problem