‘Vaccine’ Killed 3.5X More Americans Than COVID Virus

The data is clear and consistent. I challenge any qualified scientist to challenge this data in an open public debate. –Steve Kirsch

(Steve Kirsch, Founder, Vaccine Safety Research Foundation) — The irresponsible attacks by an LA Times journalist Michael Hiltzik on MSU Professor Mark Skidmore’s paper motivated me to run my own survey of my readers to see what the actual harm numbers really are.

Over 10,000 readers responded.

The survey clearly showed that the COVID vaccines have killed 3.5 times as many people as COVID. This is a disaster.

I’ve had expert statisticians and epidemiologists review the survey, the methodology, and the results. None could find any errors.

I’m willing to put a million dollars on the table that this is right and that the vaccines have killed more people than COVID. Any takers? If not, why not?

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