Votive Mass for Peace on Sanguinary ‘Roe’ Anniversary

The Mass propers we prayed here at Saint Benedict Center this morning were not those for the martyr saint of today, Saint Vincent; nor were they for that other Saint Vincent whose feast falls today: Saint Vincent Pallotti. They instead came from the Votive Mass for Peace (Da Pacem) in the traditional Roman Missal. This is because January 22 is, by decree of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, a day of penitential observance in reparation for the sin of abortion, and the traditional rite votive Mass for Peace is a penitential liturgy (violet vestments, no gloria, etc.) to be offered in time of conflict.

How appropriate. In the name of a wicked personal autonomy, sexual liberation, feminism, and mere convenience, our nation has declared war on vulnerable babies in their mothers’ wombs. This war has other casualties as well: truth, the integrity of language so abused by the pro-aborts, authentic femininity and masculinity (why don’t men defend their unborn children?). So, we pray for peace — that which the world cannot give.

Today, in the Chair of Unity Octave, we also pray for the Conversion of America. This was instituted long before Roe v. Wade, if not prophetically, at least providentially.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Although the following two very different musical settings of Da Pacem are based on a different text than that of the Votive Mass for Peace (this one, as opposed to this one), they share those first to words of today’s Introit: