What’s Up With Bill Donohue and His Catholic League?

Church Militant: Donohue makes half a million dollars in salary and benefits as head of his non-profit, which sits on $35 million in assets. Describing itself as “the nation’s largest Catholic civil rights organization,” the Catholic League is registered as a 501(c)(3) charity, whose public charity status is based on the fact that it “receives a substantial part of its support … from the general public.

“As much as 86 percent of the Catholic League’s annual revenue comes from small donations from “rank and file” Catholics, and only a fraction of that money (under $3 million per year) is being used toward Catholic activism. The rest is sitting in an investment account with Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS) annually accruing nearly $500,000 of interest — just enough to cover Donohue’s salary.

“CBIS has come under fire for holding stock in pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-gay organizations, as well as with corporations that distribute pornography . . .” Report is here.