Who Am I?

Here are my clues:

  1. My name occurs four times in Holy Scripture, all in the Old Testament.
  2. Three of those four times the passage speaks of me; the other time, it is another woman that is spoken of with the same name as I. This other woman feared God although she was not a Hebrew. God blessed her for disobeying a cruel law of a pagan ruler. This other woman with the same name as I saved many lives and the true God blessed His people because of her and others like her. God rewarded these good women by building them houses.
  3. I am not a Jew, but I am a Semite from Arabia. More than that, I am of Abraham, descended from Cetura, whom he married after his first wife Sarah died.

With the following clues, I must be very careful lest I too easily identify myself.

  1. My father was a priest, but not of the Aaronic priesthood.
  2. He gave me as wife, however, to a Hebrew who for a while lived as a refugee with our family.
  3. My father was a convert to the true religion of the Hebrews. He was a kinsman of my husband through my husband’s father and my father’s family. I cannot tell you the name of my husband’s father or you will figure me out.
  4. My husband had a mission from God and, while on this mission, I did not often see him, but my father and I did visit him from time to time. My father respected my husband very much and gave him very good advice.
  5. Once I had to intercede with God to spare my husband’s life for a certain sin of religious negligence. It was partly my fault because I ought to have encouraged my husband to keep the ritual covenant of Abraham our father. Having been stricken with a mortal disease my husband was at death’s door so I took matters into my own hand and God was appeased and my spouse was healed.
  6. I was mentioned one final time in the Bible along with my father when we returned from Arabia to visit my husband during his years in the mission. I brought my sons with me to see their father.
  7. After my death (which is not mentioned in the Bible) my husband remarried. But his siblings were opposed to the marriage. His new wife was not a Semite. Perhaps this is why my husband’s siblings remonstrated with him. In any event God was not displeased with the marriage. His displeasure, however, was visibly manifested with my husband’s sister.