Who Am I?

  1. I was a witness of Jesus’ public life and resurrection, but am only mentioned once in the Bible.
  2. Another disciple with the same surname as mine is mentioned in the same inspired book that I am. Tradition is that we were brothers.
  3. My “brother” was a companion of Saint Paul. He is more known by his surname than his own first name.
  4. I am one of the seventy two disciples of the Lord.
  5. I was highly esteemed by the Apostles and was given another moniker complementing my Hebrew birth name which, were I to reveal it to you, would be too obvious a clue to my identity.
  6. I was the bishop of a small village in Palestine where I was martyred
  7. I was killed during the persecution of Vespasian in the year 68 along with 10,000 others that made up our village.
  8. I was elected by grace but not by lot.