Who Am I?

I had to be quite cunning with this one because it was so easy to reveal my guest with clues too openly revealing. Brian Kelly

I was responsible for the success of two ecumenical councils in the early Church, although I only attended one session, and that was together with my husband. The bishops of those councils defeated the heresies of Nestorianism and Monophysitism, although the latter endured in a more diluted form.

Saint Cyril and I worked indefatigably for the true Catholic doctrine concerning Our Lady’s divine maternity and her title Mother of God, he as theologian and Patriarch of Jerusalem, I as someone to be reckoned with shall we say.

I also supported Pope Leo I in his work in defense of the two natures of Christ. While doing so I was persecuted by my sister-in-law who had become, under the machinations of the monk Eutyches, a Monophysite heretic.

From a young age I took a vow of virginity.

I made sure that where I lived in Constantinople was run like a convent. Nevertheless it was imperial.

My husband, a great general, was most virtuous and respected my vow living a celibate life.

I exhausted myself working for the good of the Church and taking care of the poor with my plentiful resources. I had many churches built, several of these to honor the Mother of God.

Pope Leo the Great wrote many letters to me which urged me on to do all I could to eradicate heresy. He was the one who credited me with the success of two councils.

I have a lovely name; it is transcendental.

And, yes, I am a saint.