Who Am I?

  1. Before I converted to the Catholic Faith I was the nation’s First Lady for eight months,
  2. I was the nation’s first First Lady to publicly dance in a ball at the White House and to have my portrait painted.
  3. They even named a popular polka dance after me.
  4. I loved gala parties and I made sure there was plenty of wine flowing . . . at  my own  family expence.
  5. I had a hefty inheritance having been reared in a wealthy home.
  6. I even directed the marine band to play a specific marching tune whenever the president and I entered a public event. That tune is? You guessed it, “Hail to the Chief”.
  7. He was thirty years older than I, a widower, when we married.
  8. At the close of my husband’s term in office I hosted a good-bye gala for three thousand invited guests. Some one thousand candles were burned and ninety-six bottles of champagne consumed. And, of course, there was continuous music and waltzing
  9. I supported my husband in his fight for secession.
  10. Eleven years after my husband’s death my daughter and I entered the Catholic Church.
  11. Many women sought my advice and I directed many to the Catholic Church. I was rightly “accused” of becoming “a zealot” for Catholicism.
  12. My funeral procession was one of the largest ever seen in Richmond Virginia.