Who Am I?

  1.  As far as impurity is concerned, this saint may have been the worst sinner ever to repent.
  2. She was a prostitute.
  3. Her iniquity was so perverse that she joined herself to a group of pilgrims going to the Holy Land, intending to seduce whatever men she could during the pilgrimage.
  4. When she tried to enter a church in Jerusalem on the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, she was barred by an angel, although she knew not the cause of the repulsion that prevented her from entering.
  5. Realizing this was a sign from God she prayed before a statue of Our Lady begging for forgiveness and promising an amendment of life. After this, she was allowed to enter the church and venerate a relic of the True Cross.
  6. Not only did she repent, she did penance for forty seven years.
  7.  Not ordinary penance, but this saint did her penance in the desert near Arabia, living as a solitary, and subsisting on herbs.
  8. A year before she died a monk came across her in the desert when he went there to spend time in total solitude.
  9. She related to him her past life of debauchery and asked him to return and bring her Holy Communion.
  10. When she saw him coming again she walked across the Jordan River and received Holy Communion from him. She asked the monk to come back again in one year.
  11. When the holy monk returned, he found her lifeless body with a note attached asking him to bury her. He did so, with the help of a lion. It was the year 421.

Who am I?