Who Are We?

Who Are We?

No other women in the Bible share our names.

We are praised by Saint Paul in the New Testament for having “faith unfeigned,” which is to say, “without guile” or “genuine.”

We are Jews, but our husbands were gentiles.

Tradition has it (and the tradition is true) that we are from Lystra near Tarsus where Saint Paul is from. (Another tradition has it that we were kinfolk of Paul.)

We were converted by him to Christ while he was preaching in Lystra. He stayed at our home.

We are mother and daughter.

The latter of us has a renowned son, a “most beloved son” of Saint Paul “in the Faith.” That son was the first bishop of Ephesus. He received much encouragement and counsel from our father in the Faith. We could tell you more about this “son” but then you would easily discover who we are.