Blessed Pius IX and Jefferson Davis

In the New Orleans Confederate Civil War Museum there is a crown of thorns, weaved for Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, by Blessed Pope Pius IX. At the behest of an Irish priest, who had befriended Davis and who often visited him during his two-year imprisonment after the war, the Pope sent the veteran general and statesman this sign of compassion.Pius was himself a “prison of the Vatican” after the fall of the Papal States under the forces of the freemason Garibaldi. The thorns in this crown are two inches long. As a token of respect to the beleaguered pontiff, the city of Macon, Georgia, named a street in his honor. They even put it in Italian: Pio Nono Avenue.

  • Brother André Marie

    And that same Confederate museum in New Orleans has a stained glass window of Father Abram Ryan, the Irish priest known as the poet laureate of the Confederacy. His “My Beads,” “Conquered Banner,” and “Rosary of my Tears” are must reading.

  • Brother André Marie

    Oh, yes, Brian: Bravo!

    Ciao, bello!

  • Paul E. Thurston

    Excellent article, however there has never been a civil war in the United States. The War Between the States is often erroneously referred to as the Civil War, but we (us Southerners) were only fighting for our freedom.

  • Brother André Marie

    Paul: Good point. It was called the “Second War for Independence” by Southern patriots.

  • Charles, (Steve), Halstead


    I’ve not spoken with you for some months I believe, and have not received any more notices or publications for a few months as well. I like your new format, but I would like to receive the complimentary publications and newsletters you have at my request been sending me. I havent a telephone anymore, and I wish to speak extendedly to you soon. I’ll figure out how soon, Our Lord and Lady permitting. gratia tua, Dominus vobiscum. Viva Christos Rey y Dona nuestra Santa Maris, …Charles S.F. Halstead

  • Thomas J. Quinn

    Regrettably, Mr. Thurston, you Southerners were principally fighting for your freedon to deny freedom to others.

  • mark brown

    You are very wrong Mr. Quinn. Lincoln destroyed the Constitutional republic and gave us the Dying empire we have today. Our fathers fought because youre people invaded us. We were paying 80 percent of federal taxes which were used to subsidize your industries. Even lincoln acknowledged that. The need to save the union was so it could steal southern wealth. Mary Boykin Chesnut express the true pictue in her diary: We want to separate from them, to be rid of Yankees forever, at any price; and they hate us so. Yet they would clasp us – or hook us, as Polonius has it – to their bosoms with hooks of steel. We are an unwilling bride. I think incompatibility of temper began when it was made plain to us that we get all the opprobrium (criticism) of slavery while they, with their tariff, get the money there is in it.
    Mary Boykin Chesnut from her diary June 28 1861

    I can show you multiple accounts of how the blacks were raped and shot from official record and northern sources by your invaders who came to plunder our people.
    I will give you but one eye witness account, perhaps he was your ancestor:
    “Camp near Camden, S. C.
    My dear wife–I have no time for particulars. We have had a glorious time in this State. Unrestricted license to burn and plunder was the order of the day. The chivalry [meaning the Honourable & Chivalrous people of the South] have been stripped of most of their valuables. Gold watches, silver pitchers, cups, spoons, forks, &c., are as common in camp as blackberries.
    The terms of plunder are as follows: Each company is required to exhibit the results of its operations at any given place–one-fifth and first choice falls to the share of the commander-in-chief and staff; one-fifth to the corps commanders and staff; one-fifth to field officers of regiments, and two-fifths to the company.
    Officers are not allowed to join these expeditions without disguising themselves as privates. One of our corps commanders borrowed a suit of rough clothes from one of my men, and was successful in this place. He got a large quantity of silver (among other things an old-time milk pitcher) and a very fine gold watch from a Mrs DeSaussure, at this place. DeSaussure was one of the F. F. V.s of South Carolina, and was made to fork over liberally.. Officers over the rank of Captain are not made to put their plunder in the estimate for general distribution. This is very unfair, and for that reason, in order to protect themselves, subordinate officers and privates keep back every thing that they can carry about their persons, such as rings, earrings, breast pins, &c., of which, if I ever get home, I have about a quart. I am not joking–I have at least a quart of jewelry for you and all the girls, and some No. 1 diamond rings and pins among them.
    General Sherman has silver and gold enough to start a bank. His share in gold watches alone at Columbia was two hundred and seventy-five. But I said I could not go into particulars. All the general officers and many besides had valuables of every description, down to embroidered ladies’ pocket handkerchiefs. I have my share of them, too. We took gold and silver enough from the damned rebels to have redeemed their infernal currency twice over. This, (the currency), whenever we came across it, we burned, as we considered it utterly worthless.

    I wish all the jewelry this army has could be carried to the “Old Bay State”. It would deck her out in glorious style; but, alas! it will be scattered all over the North and Middle States. The damned niggers, as a general rule, prefer to stay at home, particularly after they found out that we only wanted the able-bodied men, (and to tell the truth, the youngest and best-looking women). Sometimes we took off whole families and plantations of niggers, by way of repaying secessionists. But the useless part of them we soon manage to lose; [one very effective was to “shoot at their bobbing heads as they swam rivers” after the army units crossed over], sometimes in crossing rivers, sometimes in other ways.
    I shall write to you again from Wilmington, Goldsboro’, or some other place in North Carolina. The order to march has arrived, and I must close hurriedly. Love to grandmother and aunt Charlotte. Take care of yourself and children. Don’t show this letter out of the family.
    Your affectionate husband, Thomas J Myers, Lieut.,
    P.S. I will send this by the first flag of truce to be mailed, unless I have an opportunity of sending it at Hilton Head. Tell Sallie I am saving a pearl bracelet and ear-rings for her; but Lambert got the necklace and breast pin of the same set. I am trying to trade him out of them. These were taken from the Misses Jamison, daughters of the President of the South Carolina Secession Convention. We found these on our trip through Georgia.”

    Slavery could and would have been ended as it had in every other nation, through legislation and compensation. But thats not what this was about . It was about northern greed . The Pope certainly knew what was in the hearts of your people.
    May God have mercy on their miserable souls.

  • PBKRanger

    You’ll find that “freedom” is subject to relativism and polysemy, like all words. Pius IX seemed to have an insight. The southern answer to the labor problem was in many ways more humane than that of the north towards its “wage slaves,” who didn’t amount even to property. The alternative to the southern answer was one of abject tyranny. Today instead of slavery, we have infanticide in the form of abortion–mostly affecting blacks. We have marriage–to which even a slave could honorably aspire–reduced to a union of sodomizers. Perhaps Pius IX was on to something that only the intellectually honest can grasp today.

  • So Born/No Raised

    When people in a common land a geopolitical territory a republic fight against each it is called civil war. My town in Alabama was founded substantially by northenrs in the 1830’s the town of my birth in Georgia had substantial northern influence from Massachusetts. The northern mills and the southern cotton plantations had much in common namely making money. Americans were free to travel throughout the United States. The south belonged to citizens everywhere as did the north. The confederacy was a delusion created by the rich and died for by the poor. Most of the rich then fled to New York and Paris. The only hint of recognition of the existence of the confederacy was by the Vatican who did not like the American idea of freedom of religion.

    The dumbest thing the Constitution did was allow slave owning states to count slaves as population for political representation purposes but then say that these populations were not persons but property, thereby giving slave states political power based on property. The more they increased their slave property the more power they would amass. And this slave property although counted for purposes of politics did not have the right vote.

    Unfortunately there was only one way to end the stupidity. War!

    Move on y”all, get over it!