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Holy Scripture: the War Between the Flesh and the Spirit

Msgr. Charles Pope, Community in Mission: In the first reading at Mass today (Wednesday of the 28th Week), St. Paul enumerates the sins that proceed from the flesh. There are many references to “the flesh” in the New Testament, especially in the letters of St. Paul. The phrase is commonly misunderstood as being synonymous with the physical body or merely with sexual sin. Full article is … More →

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Why Read the Old Testament?

The question is not a silly one. We Christians live in the New Dispensation now. We have what Saint Paul calls “a better testament which is established on better promises” (Heb. 8:6). The old Scriptures pointed to a reality that is now present in the New Covenant. When the object of our hopes is made present, hope recedes and yields to possession. So why bother … More →

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Simon Bening: The Temptation of Christ

The Temptations of Christ in the Desert

The Three Temptations of Christ in the Desert After forty days of fasting and prayers Our Lord is tired and hungry. He has not yet begun His public life. Saint John the Baptist has given testimony that Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Jesus is baptized by John and he retires to a desert place to prepare … More →

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Was God Mean in the Old Testament? YouTube Video.

The YouTube video below is the entirety of Reconquest 19: “KILL THEM ALL! (on the ‘Dark Passages’ of the Bible). Guest: Dr. Nathan Schmiedickie”. I also wrote an Ad Rem on the same subject. Not every episode will make its way to YouTube. But all the episodes of Reconquest are free if you listen to them at air time over at (See the schedule here.) … More →

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‘Immediately’: Characteristically St. Mark

The four evangelists used the adverb “immediatley” (euthus, in Greek) an amazing number of times. Saint Matthew used it twelve times, Luke fourteen times, and John only six times. Mark however, whose feast day was yesterday, used the word twenty-eight times, and his is the shortest Gospel, only sixteen chapters. Mark was the spiritual son of Saint Peter. “The church that is in Babylon, elected … More →

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What is a ‘Type’?

Every once in a while, I refer to a “type” or “typology” is something I write or speak on. What follows is a brief explanation of what that is, excerpted from a longer piece I wrote. A very important device in the study of the Old Testament is what we call “typology.” Typology is employed under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost by New Testament writers. … More →

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Kill Them All!

Much attention has been given to the so-called “dark passages” of the Bible in recent years. This is largely due to the use put to these passages by the enemies of the Christian name, by which I mean the aggressive, new-fangled atheists, who lately write pompous books against God, and get further media attention in order to attack Him. The “dark passages” are those parts … More →

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Joshua and the Israelite People, from the Karolingischer Buchmaler (details)

More Old-Testament Violence, and Bluegrass

My Ad Rem on the subject of the “dark passages” of the Bible went a bit long. This piece represents a small coda with further thoughts on the issue, being a collection of “odds and ends” presented in no special order. The “ban” — i.e., the “dedication to destruction” by which men, women, and children were slaughtered (the Hebrew concept of cherem is much more complex … More →

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Weeping Women

The pew I occupy on a daily basis is very close to the eighth station of the Cross: “the women of Jerusalem weep over Jesus.” This proximity occasions my reflecting on it more than on the other stations. It has become, in a manner of speaking, my station, so let me presume to tell you about it as we approach the Sacred Triduum. The episode … More →

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Apostle to the Gerasenes

A most unlikely apostle indeed. It was the possessed lunatic, who dwelt among the graves, out from whom were cast many devils. The devil’s voice claimed that their name was Legion” and legion means a thousand. Demons like to flaunt their imagined importance and use titles such as this. But Saint Luke tells us simply that “many devils were entered into him” (8:30). Enough there … More →

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Lenten Considerations: Sin, Death, and the Resurrection

And if Christ be not risen again, your faith is vain, for you are yet in your sins. (1 Corinthians 15:14). Cardinal Kung emphasized the resurrection in one of his sermons just before his arrest in 1955: If we renounce our faith, we will disappear and there will not be a resurrection. If we are faithful, we will still disappear, but there will be a … More →

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Cana and Being About His Father’s Business

Sunday we celebrated the feast of the marriage at Cana. Saint John tells us that “the mother of Jesus was there” and that Jesus and His disciples were invited as well. Despite the varying opinions of several fathers, I think Cardinal Baronius (who edited the Martyrlogy in the sixteenth century) offers the best answer as to whose wedding this was. It was not that of … More →

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What are Swaddling Clothes and What is Their Significance?

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him up in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn (Luke 2:7). What are swaddling clothes and what is their significance? There are many comments offered on various websites about this. Some are purely allegorical but others are drawn from Jewish custom at the time and … More →

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Father Feeney and Padre Pio’s Christmas Meditation

Frank Rega, for his blog, The Shield of Faith, brings us his own translation of the sublime reflections of this great saint. Anything from Saint Pio is priority on my list, especially when it has to do with Our Lady and Bethlehem. This meditation reminded me of Father Feeney’s indignation as to how the proud big shots in Boston were snubbing the Christ Child with … More →

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‘Simon, Son of John, Lovest Thou Me?’

I am continuing here from my previous column, “I Go a Fishing,” with the rest of chapter 21 of Saint John. After the Apostles had caught so many fish, they tied the net and moored the boat. Meanwhile, as I wrote in my last column, Jesus had been waiting on the shore roasting the one fish. Then, Peter left Him to return to the boat. … More →

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