The Peace Sign

The Peace Sign is not a sign of true peace.  No one agrees on the exact meaning of this symbol, first used by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in 1958, during a demonstration against Aldermaston (a British research center for the development of nuclear weapons).

The militant atheist, Bertand Russell, who was president of the CND at the time, seems to have commissioned Gerald Holtom to design it. According to the 1986 Encyclopedia Britannica, Russell was a “logician and philosopher…who wrote with a barbed wit from a politically, morally, and intellectually left-wing radical and anti-obscurantist point of view.” He was so liberal and immoral that he was fired from one of the most liberal and immoral colleges in our country (City College, New York) on the grounds that he was too liberal and immoral.

Regarding the peace symbol itself, some sources state that it signifies only Nuclear Disarmament. Others state that it is a “broken cross” (also called “witch’s foot,” “raven’s foot,” “sign of the broken Jew,” or “Nero’s cross”).  It could also be an inverted life rune, from the ancient German (Teutonic) alphabet or system of pictographs. The inverted life rune is called the Todesrune, or the rune of death, and was part of pagan German  mysticism  (devil worship).  Many sources consulted linked the peace symbol to all of the above meanings. It is impossible to know just what reasons Russell and Holtom had in designing the symbol, but it is interesting to note that “the South African government, in the 1970s, seriously considered forbidding it. They found it ‘anti-Christian’ and ‘pro-Communist.'”

Whether or not the peace symbol is overtly satanic, there are two reasons to despise it as un-Catholic:

  1. its origins from such a wretch as Russell, whose anti-Christian ideology influenced the so-called “peace movement”
  2. the false pretence that “peace” is even possible in this fallen world, especially when the rule of Jesus Christ the King is abandoned in favor of liberal democracies and the secular state.
  • Darielle Pasquito

    Thank you so much for this very concise explanation. I have a 6 year old daughter in Catholic School and I do not allow her to wear the peace sign. I now have a great explanation for the mothers who keep asking me why this is my rule. I have always said that I do like the peace sign – the Cross!! Why replace it?

  • Brian Jacob

    If the V sign is so “anti-Catholic” why are there images of the Pope displaying this sign? Or is Catholicism really of satanic origins? That would explain why the Vatican has covered up its role in pedophilia scandals and the genocide of several original races.

  • schmenz

    A few thoughts, if I may, Mr Jacob.

    First, please supply verifiable sources that document your assertion that the Vatican has committed genocide. Since the entire world seems to have missed such a sensational story it would be helpful in a discussion if you would kindly provide the evidence.

    Secondly, “that scandal” that is currently plaguing the Church is not a pedophilia scandal; it is a homosexual scandal. The Church is now suffering from an infestation of homosexuals into its priesthood unprecedented in its entire 2,000 year history. And you are right that there has been evidence of a cover up by certain Bishops, who are either homosexuals themselves (very likely) or too frightened to deal with the problem (also very likely). Please know that Catholics are every bit as disgusted as you are by this seeming tolerance for buggery that we see in some Churchmen.

    I wouldn’t necessarily go so far as to say the Popes were covering up these atrocities but I will say that, tragically, recent Popes could have done far more than they have to confront these terrible crimes. History will judge them, and so will God.

  • Brian Jacob

    Re: the genocide issues, please reference any of Kevin Annett’s work. I would also refer you to the book “Thy Will Be Done.”

    Are you seriously denying that catholic priests have sodomized children (for a very long time) and that the Vatican has done its best to cover up this issue? Yes, popes have been directly involved in the cover-up.

    Your credibility is shot.

  • schmenz

    I would be cautious about casting aspersions about someone else’s “credibility” when using Mr Annett as a support. This defrocked Church of Canada priest is well known for making wild accusations without any basis and without any backup proof, and has in fact been told to, essentially, “shut up” by some of the Indians he is supposedly defending from predatory Christians. His MO is a very old and obvious one, I’m afraid, and you will need to do a bit better than that to support your pet theory if that is all you can come up with. He enjoys issuing bogus “International Arrest Warrants” against Popes which may feed his ego and his love for grandstanding but are hardly taken seriously by any genuine legal authorities.

    His charlatanism was also exposed when it was discovered that his efforts to raise funds for “Indian causes” were feeding his own personal bank account. His official proclamations calling for both Canada and Great Britain to be dissolved were not met with a terrible amount of enthusiasm in international circles.

    As for the book you mention..are you referring to the Colby book or some other? I haven’t read Colby’s book but his thesis that multinational corporations are taking advantage of other countries seems credible enough. If Colby is trying to link the Church to Rockefeller-style thievery and exploitation, however, then he is more than a little off-base.

    Of course I am not denying that some priests (and Bishops and Cardinals) who are homosexuals have sodomized adolescent boys, and I am convinced that some Bishops and Cardinals have been covering up this filth. And I will say, again to you, that some Popes have not being coming down hard on this degeneracy. God will judge these men, and severely.

  • GeneDe

    If I may, sir, point you in the direction of one Bella Dodd. Around 1960 or so, she gave testimony before Congress as to her recruiting “duties”. Dodd was a communist and was assigned to recruit the same/homosexuals to enter the seminaries and become priests. She personally recruited nearly 1,200 such miscreants. She was only one of many, I suspect. Those good men who wear the Roman collar, do not attack youths because they just can’t take being celibate, oh no, it has been shown that 90 plus percent of the attacks were perpetrated by homosexuals who became “priests.” By the way, Bella Dodd returned to the good graces of the Church before she died. I should also point you in the direction of the 2003-2004 Shakeshaft study — commissioned by the Fed. Dept. of Education — of abuse by PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS. The conclusion of the study showed that abuse by those very same teachers was FAR WORSE than the scandal among “Catholic” “priests.” It would also seem, that one does not have to be celibate to attack youth, as I’m sure many of the PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS were or are married, and just could not control their libido, or far worse.

  • Anonymous Catholic

    The Catholic masses end with the words “go in peace and love to serve the lord.” Besides that, there were many parts of the peace movements that hinted to christian teachings found in songs like “signs”, “Get Together” and “Let it Be”. I don’t think the creator of the sign should matter as he should be forgiven for his mistrust of faith and left in the past. Peace in all forms should be embraced as it is a message of the church. I think we should accept the symbol as a way of spreading our cultural diversity. It’s really the idea that is most important, not the origin.