A Site for All Things Synod, by Hilary White and Friends

Hilary White, who has written for LifeSite, The Remnant, and other outlets, is very interested in covering the Synod just about to start. She is so interested, in fact, that she and some fellow travelers have begun a blog for that exclusive purpose.

She now reports on it that the draconian no-free-press kind of rules that were rumored to have been planned for the Synod are not, in fact, in place. That information, along with a couple of other interesting procedural tidbits, are to be found on her posting, New Rules.

The real meat and potatoes of Hilary and Company’s journalistic efforts will be seen once the Synod is in full swing. And about that meat: It may be a bit rare, as the journalists in question are not concerned about overly-cautious editors. They will call it as they see it.

While naming names and disclosing the twisted machinations of modernists like Cardinal Kasper and his fellow travelers is a good thing, let us not be tempted to consider this only a war of words. It is a spiritual battle to be fought by spiritual means. And thankfully, those are at our disposal.


Ah! Just right! But give it up some days for the Synod.
Penance! Penance! Penance!