Analysis of Present Situation of Church in China in Light of 10th Anniversary of Benedict XVI Pastoral Letter

Written by “Joseph,” a faithful Underground Catholic, this is an excellent summary of the current state of ecclesiastical affairs in Communist China and the confusion caused by the Vatican’s compromising diplomacy and silence regarding detentions of bishops and clergy.

AsiaNews: Marking the 10th anniversary of the Letter from Benedict XVI to Chinese Catholics, we received this analysis from a Catholic in northeastern China, named Joseph. In it he traces these 10 years evidencing how – though Pope Francis has proclaimed it still relevant and valid – the facts show that it is being betrayed bit by bit. Citing facts and situations, the author also points out how the power of the Chinese government is increasingly determining the life of the Church and appointing bishops, choosing and ordaining candidates who live in “gray pragmatism” (Evangelii Gaudium, 83). Joseph also complains that there is too much silence on persecution as bishops, priests and lay people endure in China and fear that the talks between China and the Vatican – a session of which took place June 20-21 in the Vatican – will lead to the elimination of the unofficial Church. To allow for a better understanding of the facts, the interactive links posted by the editorial team refer to the news items they reference, published on AsiaNews. Full article is here.