Boko Haram’s Continued Massacres Against Christians in Nigeria

In one state alone, Borno, Northern Nigeria, one and a half million people have fled from the terror and are now trying to survive in refugee camps and in bordering countries.

Catholic Herald, Douglas Murray: “There is just too much to care about” is a response of many people in our news-saturated world. For many Christians, in their charitable giving and prayer lives, it is hard to know what should matter most.

Although it may not get the news attention it deserves, few issues in the world today remain more appallingly submerged beneath our attention than the plight of Nigeria’s Christians. In the north-east of the country Boko Haram continues to target local communities. In Africa’s most populous country, as in Iraq and Syria under ISIS, the Christians were targeted first and then any Muslims who didn’t cooperate with the group. Full report is here.