Cardinal Kasper Defends Ireland’s Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Vote

Our friend Maike Hickson, writing for Life Site News, reveals the depth of Cardinal Kasper’s departure from Catholic teaching on marriage. In the name of a false concept of freedom, the former ecumenism chief says that the Irish government has a “duty” to recognize the “rights” of those who contravene the Natural Law and Divine Revelation.

An extreme revolutionary whose thinking was well represented in the secret meeting called to pre-wire the ordinary Synod on the Family,* His Eminence’s position on giving Holy Communion to unrepentant adulterers is well known. Now, it appears, he is without shame in openly discussing the “taboo” (his word) of unnatural lust in positive terms. Read Maike’s full article. It has a laundry list of the prurient progressivist agenda for #synod2015.

And if you don’t think such holy things as Synods and even Ecumenical Councils can be manipulated by underhanded theological thuggery such as that evidenced in the Gregorian’s shadow synod, think again.

Kaspar is an avant-garde, bleeding edge progressivist. Beware, though, the rear-guard modernists who now pose as orthodox are little better. A full embrace of Catholic tradition and a complete rejection of Modernism (and all heresy) are necessary. How many disciples of Urs von Balthasaar, de Lubac, or Rahner now appear to be pious defenders of Catholic orthodoxy? They aren’t. They paved the way for Kasper and company, as did the Mensheviks for the Bolsheviks and the Girondins for the Jacobins.

Once a revolution begins, no one knows precisely where it will end. Today’s revolutionaries may well behead their revolutionary precursors, as actually happened in the French Revolution.

May 29, 2015 ( — The grave effects of Ireland’s May 22 referendum in favor of a same-sex “marriages,” not only for the secular world, but also especially for the Catholic Church, are showing themselves already.

None other than the leading cardinal who has promoted the liberal agenda for the two-part Synod of Bishops on the Family, Cardinal Walter Kasper, has now come out publicly and with force, telling the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that the Church needs to address more fully the question of same-sex couples. This topic was at the last Synod “only a marginal topic, but now it becomes central,” Kasper said on Wednesday.

Kasper also defended the vote of the Irish in favor of homosexual “marriages,” saying: “A democratic state has the duty to respect the will of the people; and it seems clear that, if the majority of the people wants such homosexual unions, the state has a duty to recognize such rights.” He also said that the Irish referendum is “emblematic for the situation in which we find ourselves, not only in Europe, but in the whole West.” Kasper also said: “The postmodern concept – following which everything is equal – stands in contrast to the doctrine of the Church.”

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* I originally wrote that the Cardinal was a “participant” in the Gregorian cabal. Dr. Hickson assured me that he was not there. At the time, he was on his way back from Washington D.C., and claimed not to have been invited to the so-called “study day.”