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Seven Meditations on Islam

From Challenge of Faith 1. The issue of salvation is faith in God — Incarnate. The Church must reach the Moslems with this message, even if it has to pay the price it paid to convert the Roman world.

Shrove Tuesday

The day before Ash Wednesday, in all English speaking countries except the United States, is called Shrove Tuesday. “To shrive” (active voice), or to “be shrove” (passive) in Old English meant not only to confess one’s sins and be absolved, … Continue reading

Here’s One for the Feminists

The unnatural phenomenon we know as feminism has de-feminised the female. Some former feminists are reckoning with this stark reality. That there are important differences between the sexes — something children understand and are made to “unlearn” in state-sponsored propaganda … Continue reading

Snakes Be Gone

I want to get these facts out a month early, so that come next month, the 17th of March to be precise, when some smart-aleck, Irish Catholic, college grad writes in your local paper that there were no snakes in … Continue reading