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Who Am I?

My name is mentioned only once in the Bible. I was called a “savior” to Israel . . . with a small “s”. I defeated the Moabites and brought 80 years of peace to Israel. I was not a king … Continue reading

God’s Mercy and Deathbed Conversions

Catholic Stand, Anrhony S. Layne: Does God forgive deathbed converts? Of course. This shouldn’t even be a head-scratcher. However, some people don’t take kindly to the notion that God might allow Johnny-come-latelies into the kingdom. Grumbled @barth_bro on Twitter, “I just … Continue reading

Wacky Conspiracy Theories!

Those who naively believe the nonsense served up by mainstream media and government bureaucracies that have long since betrayed the public trust have been programmed to call anything that challenges the accepted narrative a “conspiracy theory.” This they clearly mean … Continue reading

Who Are We?

Our names are linked both in the Canon of the Mass and in being martyred together in Carthage, Africa, in 203. We were young women martyrs but not virgins. One had just given birth, the other was pregnant. The babies … Continue reading